"This is the framed certificate that Dad received from the R.E.T.S.D."

"Below is a brief biography which was printed in the Board of Trustees 'Recognition Night' booklet."

Born and raised in Transcona/Winnipeg, Wayne left Elmwood High School to live and work
in Toronto as a Production Clerk for the Star Weekly and later for Ainsworth Electric. At the age of 20,
he left Toronto to attend a college near Moose Jaw, SK. Two years later, he returned to Manitoba to complete
a Bachelor of Theology degree at Providence College.

While working as a Corrections Officer at the Manitoba Youth Centre, Wayne decided to attend the
University of Winnipeg to attain a Bachelor of Education degree. After graduating in 1981, he soon secured a
Grade 5 position at Neil Campbell School. Two years later, he moved to Munroe Junior High to teach English
Language Arts to Grade 7 French Immersion students. Three years later, he moved to Emerson Elementary
School where he taught grades 5 and 6 students for a total of seven years. He has been teaching
students in grades 4 to 6 at Prince Edward School since moving from Emerson Elementary
School. In his first year at Emerson, he took on the responsibility as Patrol Supervisor,
and has just completed 18 years of service in that capacity.

Throughout his career Wayne has served on divisional Language Arts, Social Studies, Science,
Science Fair and Math committees, and he also spent 6 months in 2002-2003 assisting 60 other
Manitoba teachers with the classroom implementation of A Prairie Tour, initiated by the
Manitoba Department of Education, Training and Youth.

Mr. Antoniuk has certainly enjoyed his years of teaching in the RESD/RETSD, and he has especially
appreciated the attention and training that his three children, Sharla, Luke and Leah, received while
they attended Neil Campbell School, John Henderson Junior High and Miles MacDonell Collegiate.

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