*** Dad's Birthday Celebrations *** 

"On October 15th Dad spent most of the day with Sharla, Cory, William, Charles and James.
He had to decline Luke's offer of a 'birthday' breakfast at a nearby restaurant that morning, and
Leah's suggested afternoon visit, so he could instead go with the Cockriell's to the Manitoba Bisons men's
exhibition hockey game...and then later to IKEA and to William's hockey game...as was previously planned."

"That evening Dad did some shopping with his 'gift' money before settling in front of
the T.V. to watch the Toronto Blue Jays and Winnipeg Jets games that he had recorded."

"Dad also celebrated his 65th birthday by going fishing in East Selkirk. Although it was windy
and much colder than normal on the 16th, Dad enjoyed the peacefulness...and catching a few fish."

"Finally, Sharla, Luke and Leah surprised Dad on the 17th by going to 'Monday night' volleyball and presenting
him with the cake shown above while singing 'happy birthday' and blowing party whistles in front of all of his friends."

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