*** Keona's 6th Birthday ~ February 23rd Celebration ***

"My 6th birthday was on Tuesday, February 23rd...and not long after I
woke up, my parents brought me breakfast in bed. I asked Kain to join me."

"After breakfast I opened one of my presents...and then Kain
and I colored for a little while before going to school/daycare."

"We took a picture when I arrived at my daycare
because of what was displayed inside the front door."

"After daycare, me and my family went to Mongo's Grill for supper..."

"...before returning home where I opened more of my presents and then had dessert.
My Nana Ruth and Papa Len came over to watch me open my presents and have dessert with us!"

"When I finished opening all of my presents, we had an awesome dessert!"

"Click here to view pictures of me celebrating with some of my
extended family members at my Granny Norrie's house on February 28th."

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