*** William's 11th Birthday - December 27, 2016 ***

"Four of his best friends and his cousin Max came over at lunchtime on William's birthday.
They ate 'junk food' appetizers, pizza and cake...then Will opened his presents and they played
video games until his parents took them all to Polo Park to see the movie - Star Wars: Rogue One."


"Later that night Grandpa Bill, Nana and Granny Norrie also came over to
celebrate Will's birthday with him. They brought another cake and presents...sweet!"


"At lunchtime the next day Grandpa Wayne, Uncle Luke, Auntie Carla, Kain, Keona, Auntie Leah, Uncle Troy,
Auntie Quinn...and a bit later Auntie Stacey and Reese...all came over to celebrate Will's 11th birthday with him."

"After Will opened more presents, he played video games on the Xbox with his Uncle Luke and Charlie while
others played outside or went sliding down the hill near his house...except his Auntie Carla who went for a nap."

"Later Will played with Reese on the rink before everyone went home."

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